Senior Events


With spring here, we wanted to paraphrase two articles from the Time Magazine, Nov. 19, 2018 and Jan. 11, 2019, for your consideration and for your wellbeing. There is ample research that being in nature, a park, the backyard, a green space for public usage, a campus, all can definitely benefit human beings at any age. One hundred years ago our society was a moving society and has now becometo a great extent a sedentary society. Some of the documented benefits of being outdoors include:

  1. relaxation- lowering blood pressure and other markers of stress, and

  2. an increase in physical activity whether strolling or biking.

  3. Parks are social places. Interactions with others outdoors can reduce loneliness. 

  4. Evidence suggests being outdoors lifts one’s mood, reducing depression and anxiety. 

  5. Soaking in nature’s beauty fills one with awe. 

  6. Just breathing clean air is good for our lungs. 

Two websites they mention can give you a new insight: and Healthy Parks Healthy People, In a nutshell some Doctors are actually writing prescriptions for patients to go outdoors! 

Mary Oliver in a poem says we should be like the trees, be filled with light and shine, whether we are 18 or 81. So let us all go outside, even if it is only to sit and admire Mother Nature. 


Please make your dinner reservations 24 hours  in advance.

The  Laurel Senior Center is looking for additional Activity Groups to meet at the Center. If you, or anyone else you know, is interested in organizing a group, please discuss your ideas and meeting dates with our board.  Call 628-7571 for additional information.




Specially Scheduled Activities                      

6&20               Bookmobile                           11:30

7&23            Gluten Free Meal                      12:00

10              Mother’s Day Dinner                         12:00

24                 Birthday Dinner                       12:00


Weekly Activities


Pinochle                   10:00am


Pinochle                     1:00pm


Health & Fitness Class      10:30-11:30


Health & Fitness Class      10:30-11:30