Senior Events


Beginning in January of 2019, for the second year in a row the Laurel Senior Citizen Center will offer a Silver and Fit exercise class. The trainer is James Lewis, a certified Silver and Fit Trainer. James served in the United States Marine Corps and graduated from Keiser University. He is currently an athletic trainer at the Locomotion Fitness Center in Laurel and also trains at several gyms in Billings. 

Our participants range in age generally from their 50’s to 92. Each person is encouraged to listen to their own body and adjust according to their needs. For example, if the routine calls for “sit and stands” and someone feels that is too difficult for them on that day, they are encouraged to remain seated and do leg raises. We exercise with a chair within our reach for safety and success. 

Carol has participated since the inception of the class in January 2018. She says she has developed great fondness for people who a year ago were complete stangers. “When you come together as Senior citizens to invest in your own health via exercise, you are also investing in the health of every senior there. A special comradery develops where we can all invest in our physical well-being and laugh at our limitations.”

All seniors in the Laurel area are invited to join the Silver and Fit classes, every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30 to 11:30. The classes are free, the fitness trainer is paid via the annual center budget. Please give this healthy behavior a place on you January 2019 to-do list. 

Please make your dinner reservations 24 hours  in advance.

The  Laurel Senior Center is looking for additional Activity Groups to meet at the Center. If you, or anyone else you know, is interested in organizing a group, please discuss your ideas and meeting dates with our board.  Call 628-7571 for additional information.


Pantry Pals

Monday-Wednesday-Friday      1:30 – 3:30 pm


Specially Scheduled Activities

1         CLOSED NEW YEARS DAY                            

7               Bookmobile                           11:30

21            CLOSED MLK DAY

25                  Birthday Dinner                       12:00


Weekly Activities



Health & Fitness Class      10:30-11:30


Health & Fitness Class      10:30-11:30